Renovation Financing is performed through our financial partner CANAHO.

Basement renovation

Basement renovation financing starts from



Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation financing starts from





Bathroom renovation financing starts from



Any Other Renovation Project



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Enjoy your renovated home

3-minute application


What type of loan will be granted to me? The loan granted is a HOME RENOVATION LOAN.

Only the registered homeowner on the title of the property can apply for this loan.

What type of documentation is required?

The latest 2 paystubs

Job letter

The latest notice of assessment

The most current mortgage statement

What are the borrower requirements? 

CANAHO provides secured financing for any type of renovation based on current client’s home value.

Can I refinance my HOME RENOVATION LOAN?

CANAHO team always offers an exit strategy for clients and helps to pay off the Loan at the end of client’s mortgage term.

Can I get the deferred payment plan?

Yes, provides renovation financing with a deferred payment plan (12 months with NO payments).

What is the Built-in protection program (Complete it ™)?

The program protects a customer's project of non-completion or any issues that may cause during the renovation.