Other Projects

In this section we have all sorts of photos from work we also do, little and big jobs like Flooring, Stairs, Railings, Painting, Framing etc. 

Stairs with Carpeting

Stairs with inline carpeting.

Custom Staircase

Gorgeous custom wood staircase.

Elegant Half Wrap Stairs

Beautiful solid wood staircase that wraps around.

Bottom of Stairs

The bottom platform of stairs complete with curved railings.

Wooden Railing

A wooden railing with metal accents

Close Up of Metal Railings

Close up view of wrought iron railing supports.

Modern Wood Staircase

Modern wooden staircase with thin and chic railing.

Modern Staircase Full

A full view of the modern wood staircase.

Middle of Floor Installation

In the process of building a quality wood floor for a client.

Hardworking Staff Member

A member of Yorkland Homes providing flooring installation.

Flooring Installation

The installation is almost finished!

Laying of Floor Panels

Alternating heights creates a modern look.

Brand New Wood Floor

A fully finished wood floor installation.

Gray-Brown Flooring

Entry way featuring gray-brown wood flooring.

Wrapping Staircase

Elegant wood wrapping staircase.

Wood Stairs

Wooden stairs with steps that match the flooring.

Close Up of Stairs

Close up of wood-paneled stairs.

Stairs During Installation

Stairs before wood panels are laid.

Wood Stairs

Finished wooden stairs from the top view.

Laying of Stair Panels

Laying wooden stair panels.

Reading Nook

Light installation above a custom reading nook.

Painted Nook

Painted reading nook in natural lighting.

Reading Nook Cushion

The reading nook with a cushion installed.

Remodeled Reading Nook

Completely remodeled reading nook.

Flooring Remodel

During a flooring remodel and installation project.


Framing of a home during a renovation.

Beautiful Wood Floor

A freshly installed wood floor.

Full Room

A view of the entire room.