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Welcome to Yorkland Homes. We specialize in home renovations and remodelling for all kinds of residential spaces. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services in Newmarket, Ontario.

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Our Newmarket Renovation Services

Introducing our top-tier Newmarket Renovation services, specializing in basement transformations, bathroom makeovers, and kitchen revamps to create the stylish and functional home you've always desired!

Holland Landing Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation

Unlock the full potential of your home with our outstanding Newmarket Basement Renovation services

Newmarket Master Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation

Revitalize your relaxation space with our premium Newmarket Bathroom Renovation services.


Kitchen Renovation

Elevate your culinary experience with our comprehensive Newmarket Kitchen Renovation solutions.

Renovation Experts Serving Newmarket And The Surrounding Areas

Are you searching for an experienced renovation company in Newmarket, Ontario, for your home improvement project? Look no further! Yorkland Homes offers a full range of services to bring your dream kitchen or Newmarket bathroom to life.

Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to providing quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. No matter the size or scope of your project, we, as general contractors, have the expertise to complete it promptly and efficiently.

At Yorkland Homes, we understand that everyone has a unique vision for their home. We work with you to create a custom renovation plan that meets your needs and budget. We use only the highest quality materials, techniques, and tools to ensure that your project is completed with precision and accuracy. With years of experience in the industry, you can trust us, your reliable contracts in Newmarket, to deliver superior results every time!

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Yorkland Homes is a top-rated renovation company in Newmarket, Ontario, here to help with your home improvement project. Our team of contractors are passionate about creating your dream home, no matter the size of your project. From basement remodelling to Newmarket bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations and more, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

So whether you're looking for bathroom renvoation contractors or you need a custom kitchen for your basement - call us today at (416) 877-8218 to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation.

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Why Choose Yorkland Homes As Your
Newmarket Renovation Contractor?

Our renovation company in Newmarket consists of experienced bathroom and kitchen designers that have the skills and expertise necessary to complete your project. We take pride in delivering the highest quality workmanship and customer service in all of our bathroom, basement and kitchen renovations across Newmarket.

Highest Quality Wormanship

Our goal is always to exceed your expectations while delivering the highest quality results in home improvement.

Free Consultations and Estimates

We take the time to understand your vision and provide accurate estimates for our services.

Modern & Sustainable Designs

Our team will work with you to create modern and sustainable solutions that meet your needs, whether it be for a dream kitchen or a bathroom design.

Affordable Renovation Options

We believe luxury should be accessible and offer affordable renovation options to fit any budget.

Expert Project Management

We take great pride in our project management skills and will stay on top of your renovation from start to finish.

Flexible Payment Options

We understand that life can be unpredictable and we offer flexible payment options to accommodate your needs.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our team of bathroom, basement and kitchen renovation contractors will always be available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Trusted Renovation Services

With years of experience, our team has earned a reputation for reliable and trustworthy renovation services in Newmarket.

Our Renovation Process at Yorkland Homes in Newmarket Ontario

  • 1

    Initial Consultation

    We begin with a free consultation to discuss your vision for the project and provide recommendations on how best to achieve it.

  • 2

    Design and Planning

    We work with our kitchen designers, basement designers and bathroom designers to develop a detailed plan of action, taking into account your aesthetic and practical needs as well as your budget.

  • 3

    Materials Selection

    We provide a variety of materials for you to choose from, including the latest and most up-to-date products in the market.

  • 4

    Preparation and Demolition

    Our team takes necessary precautions to ensure that the space is properly prepared and ready for your basement renovation Newmarket, kitchen renovation Newmarket or bathroom renovations Newmarket project.

  • 5

    Installation and Construction

    Our renovation company in Newmarket will handle the installation and construction of your project with precision and accuracy.

  • 6

    Finishing Touches

    We take the extra time to make sure all the finishing touches are in place, so you can enjoy your newly renovated space.

  • 7

    Quality Assurance

    We perform quality inspections throughout the entire process to ensure that your project meets our high standards.

  • 8

    Final Walkthrough

    After the completion of your project, our team will perform a final walkthrough to ensure that everything is up to your satisfaction.

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