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Small Basement Remodel In Newmarket

This small basement remodel in Newmarket was a simple and quick renovation. The total square footage was 300...
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Bathroom Renovation In Newmarket

This bathroom renovation in Newmarket began when the homeowner called us because his old shower still from the...
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Newmarket Bathroom Remodel

This Newmarket Bathroom Remodel was a project that was in need of an update. The washroom was still...
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Newmarket Basement Apartment

This Newmarket Basement Apartment renovation Was a smaller project. The Basement was about 300 sq ft. The client...
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Small Newmarket Bathroom Renovation

This Small Newmarket Bathroom Renovation started when the client called us about an old washroom she had that...
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Newmarket Basement Renovation

This Newmarket basement renovation started out with the demolition of what was built by the previous owners of...
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Bradford Basement Renovation

This Small Bradford basement renovation started with a small demolition. The previous owners had framed some parts of...
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Newmarket Kitchen Renovation

This Newmarket kitchen renovation started with the demolition process. We demolished the entire first floor of this home....
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Aurora Basement Renovation

This Aurora basement renovation was a small, 400 sq ft basement finishing project. Half of the basement was...
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Holland Landing Basement Renovation

This Holland Landing Basement Renovation was a bit different then the usual basements we do. The basement in...
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